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We help companies develop products from concept through delivery. Feel free to use us for any or all parts of the production process. A sampling of our capabilities is shown below.

CAD Design

3D modeling expertise gives us unlimited design potential

Thermal Flow Analysis

Thorough testing of designs before prototypes are made

Electrical PCB Layout

Often times done without NRE fees

Plastic Injection Molding

Mold flow analysis to identify any warpage/stress areas


Fast cost effective prototypes help save money and time down the road


We'll use our buying power to source all your components at the lowest price


State of the art facilities and partners help transform 3D models into real life products


Short on warehouse space? We'll happily store your goods for you


Drop ship directly to customers or take delivery on an as needed basis

Recent Projects

Most of our projects center around LED layout and heatsink extrusion designs. Here's a small sample of our recent projects.

High Density 37 LED Array

100 Watt 4 channel LED array for high output and great color blending


Sliding heatsink enclosure

Precision molding allowed us to slide two heatsinks together into one larger enclosure, saving on injection moulding fees


Embedded Fan Pocket Heatsink

Embedded fan pockets help maintain low profile heatsinks while still ensuring proper cooling


Onyx Fixture

High power LED fixture includes injection molding, LED design/layout, and heatsink extrusion/CNC finishing


Modular Linking LED system

Press down connectors allowed us to expand this LED system from 5-20 LEDs with a snap


Wifi LED Fixture

Embedded wireless controller provides Wifi based control via an app on your smartphone/tablet