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PCB view without lens cover


We're expert lighting and heatsink designers capable of servicing your needs from design through production

Exploded render of compact high power light


We believe getting a product designed and manufactured should be easy and cost-effective

Describe your project or what you need to build and how much involvement you need from us. Back of the napkin drawings work fine in this stage

We'll review, ask follow-up questions, and give you a ballpark estimate based on the complexity of the product

Finalize product specifications, produce engineering drawings, and get samples/prototypes made

Once approved, we create tooling, begin production and deliver final products to your door

How it works

Menari Lighting Product Highlight
Compact, Sleek, Powerful Aquarium Light

3D render high powered light

Fan cover with holes for airflow while maintaining a sleek design

Radial style heatsink for rapid heat dissipation

Custom polished reflector for ideal mix of light spread and intensity

Outer shell made of aluminum, sandblasted and anodized various colors

LED lighting
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