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Circuit Board


Nearly all of our projects are done on behalf of other companies, with our engineering work done behind the scenes. As such, a lot of our partners and projects won't be listed anywhere on our site but below is a small sampling of work we've done in the past. These examples are simply meant to provide an idea of the type of work we specialize in, but are not limited to:

Smart Aquarium LED Fixture

6 channel LED fixture with on board drivers and embedded wireless controller. Allows for full control via smartphone app. Required custom designed plastic injection moulding, pcb circuits, heatsink, as well as developing our own LED lens array

View of bare LED pcb

CO2 and Environmental Air Sensor

Developed for greenhouse/indoor farming applications, this device provided constant monitoring of temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2 and barometric pressure. Allowed for wireless monitoring anywhere in the world with an internet connection via the on board wireless controller

Injection moulded WiFi enabled environmental sensor

Nano Aquarium Fixture

3D rendering of a custom designed small (nano) aquarium light. Knobs on top allowed for manual dimming of two color channels, included an embedded fan with CNC'd fan cover, and custom lens for ideal color blend and spread. This project never got past the prototype phase, which is perfectly fine. Projects change and not all ideas that start development end up in production

Render of compact LED light

Sliding Heatsink Enclosure

Precision molding allowed us to slide two heatsinks together into one larger combined all aluminum enclosure for additional cooling. Adding in metal stamped end caps helped save on injection moulding fees and allows the entire enclosure to be held tight using just 4 screws

Extruded Sliding Heatsink Enclosure

Off-Road Truck Light Fixture

Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame, CNC end caps and holders, with a custom made PCB designed to power CREE XM-L2 high power LEDs off a car/truck battery. Modular design to allow for more lights to be linked either internally (longer extrusion) or externally. Rubber gasket to seal for waterproofing

Render of off road truck light

Far Red Puck

Not all of our projects are complex (in fact most of them are not!). This was a simple mcpcb utilizing 4 LEDs, a small DC-DC driver, and a couple of connectors for power and dimming. The only part of this that took a few iterations was making sure components on this board did not block the light coming from the LEDs. This was a collaboration between an influencer and one of our sister companies

Far red LED puck system
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